The FORMAMP project was finalized in November 2017. The final publishable report is available upon request. Please contact


55 deliverables submitted

– Literature review reports on the different carrier systems as well as topical and pulmonary delivery systems

– Choice and synthesis of AMPs to be included in the project

In vitro biofilm models (Cystic fibrosis and burn wound infections)

– Ethical applications for in vivo studies

– Reports related to the development of different nanocarriers (lipidbased, polymerbased and mesoporous silica nanoparticles) for AMPs for topical and pulmonary delivery

– Report summarizing the results from the first and second round of effect studies on the nanoformulated AMPs as well as ex vivo results on safety and effect

– Reports summarizing the development of functional delivery systems for topical and pulmonary delivery of nanoformulated AMPs

– Reports summarizing the in vivo effect for topical and pulmonary delivery of AMPs in formulations

–  Cross-validation of methods, sample handling etc. between labs

– FORMAMP webpage and Video clip

– Plan for collaboration between NMP-AMR cluster Projects

– Course plan-Regulatory education

– Regulatory and sourcing strategies for selected formulation prototypes (topical and pulmonary delivery)

– Production protocols for phase 1 studies

– Initial CMC package

– Plan for use and dissemination of foreground

– Exploitation agreement

– Interim report M6, M12, M24, M30, M42

– Periodic report RP1, RP2, RP3

– Final report