The final FORMAMP consortium meeting will be held in association to the Annual Surface Chemistry and Material Symposium, 24-26 October at KTH in Stockholm with the topic Materials and Interfaces – Smart, Functional, Sustainable?.

FORMAMP is represented by several speakers in the program:

Liquid crystalline particles for delivery of antimicrobial peptides
Lukas Boge, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, Sweden

Poly acrylic acid mirogels as carriers for antimicrobial peptides
Randi Nordström, Uppsala University, Sweden

Controlled inhalation aerosol exposures
Per Gerde, Inhalation Science, Sweden

Mesoporous silica nano- and microparticles as carriers for therapeutic peptides
Mika Lindén, Ulm University , Germany



FORMAMP will be presented at the NAREB Workshop in Madrid, November 17. For more information, see program and registration

Bildresultat för NAREB Nanomedicine & antibiotic resistance